DepthCruiser (real name Andriy Sondey) is an electronic music producer and sound designer from New York, who is influenced by the natural surroundings, parallel universes and deep sound sculptures. His acoustic spectrum is innovative and complex, it evoke a sensual and energetic condition of atmospheric light with effortless movement. His deep sounds coalesce in an charming sense of harmony, balance and depth, and provide a dynamic presence of infinity.

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"Silence" EP (2017)

Deep techno/house rhythms with beautiful dubby sounds and dreamy atmosphere.

"Fiction 1870" Single (2017)

A tasty piece of dub techno with an incredible acoustic quality. Released as a part of "Slapback 1" compilation.

"Absurd" EP (2017)

Deep atmosphere and dubby sounds flavored with white noise and voices of Manhattan.


Music that touches your heart stays with you forever!


Inspired by the natural surroundings & parallel universes.


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